Breakthrough: Climate-neutral heating with 100% Hydrogen operated tube heaters.

Schwank has set a groundbreaking milestone.

The development of its first 100% hydrogen-compatible tube heating system.


Schwank is celebrating the first unrestricted H2-compatible tube heater. For this purpose, the Cologne R&D team led by Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Schlösser equipped a Schwank tube heater with a completely new burner technology. Beforehand, hydrogen’s ignition and combustion behavior in closed, small-volume systems was simulated on the computer using complex calculation models. “As soon as the theoretical approaches were transferred to the practical environment of the laboratory, it quickly became clear what makes the use of 100% hydrogen so difficult. It is the nearly unpredictable behavior of the fuel itself. What was deemed functional on the computer was not good in practice. So, with a lot of intensive work and countless live test series, we have developed the first functioning tube heater virtually from scratch,” says Prof. Schlösser.

H2 as a logical step in the energy transition

On the occasion of the European Hydrogen Days 2021 in Brussels, Schwank CEO, and Head of R&D Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Schlösser highlighted the importance and necessity of hydrogen for the envisaged energy transition. Like Schlösser, many experts share the opinion that only hydrogen can master the ambitious environmental goals of the coming years. As the future energy carrier, hydrogen could take advantage of storage and distribution via existing gas networks.

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