Contrôle de Schwank.ONE

Get rid of many, and choose Schwank.ONE

Schwank.ONE is engineered to conveniently control a building’s climate across multiple zones and (Schwank) equipment for maximum comfort and operational efficiency by using only 1 integrated control device. Experience the newest Schwank control technology and make sure everything is running smoothly. Now with Wireless Remote Connectivity.        


  • Patio extérieur 
  • Entrepôts
  • Centres de distribution
  • Service de restauration
  • Baie de train
  • Fabrication

Infrared Heaters

Control any combinations of Schwank infrared heaters such as tube heaters, outdoor heaters, high-intensity, and/or electric heaters.


Rideaux d'air

Control all the facility’s Schwank air curtains from a single controller and one touch screen.



All your Schwank MonsterFans HVLS can be managed with 1 device.

Meet the Schwank.ONE Control

Your system starts here

One main control device with endless possibilities to maintain comfort and operational savings.

Compatible with your Schwank equipment including infrared heaters, air curtains, and HVLS fans, as well as common fuel types such as LP/NG gas and electric.

Wireless Remote Connectivity on any tablet or cell phone via ethernet/sim card.

One-touch control device


Key features
  • Dimensions: 15.9” L x 13.6” W x 6.2” D
  • Weight: 8.5 lb
  • Display: 7-inch TFT LCD touch display (800 x 480 pixels) 
  • Power: 24VAC 50/60 Hz (120VAC step down transformer provided)
  • Temperature display and setting
  • Sleek & minimal key lockable cabinet to blend into the environment
  • Wireless Remote Connectivity on any tablet or cell phone via ethernet/sim card.



Intuitive user interface
  • View of your full building within 1 main overview dashboard screen
  • Available in 2 screen modes – dark and light
  • Simple navigation arrows to flip from screen to screen
  • Find what you need quickly with 1 simple click
  • Individual zone and equipment status indicators 
  • Password protection with user roles to enable your team to handle 
Simply click below to see the full UI screen.

Smart functions

  • The heater sequence of operation includes a purge process, exhaust fan verification, and auto modulation capability
  • View the entire screen on any tablet or cell phone with a pre-installed wireless remote connectivity kit (requires internet via ethernet or sim card)
  • Preprogrammed with your operations in mind to handle various zone and equipment combination scenarios. It can control:
        • Infrared heating: 1-stage, 2-stage or modulating,
        • Air curtains: with ambient, electric, and hot water
        • HVLS Fans: variable fan speed
  • Scalability for more complex designs by increasing zones
    and equipment
    with 1 simple click
  • Multilevel password protection to control specified user access
  • BMS system alarm with emergency shut-off feature
  • BACnet IP is available for seamless integration of the controller to the building management system (BMS) *additional equipment required
  • Periodic schedule screen with individual zones and daily schedule customization capabilities
  • Wireless Remote Connectivity on any tablet or cell phone via ethernet/sim card.


Schwank.ONE Control resources

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Documents techniques

Manuel d'installation


Spécifications CSI

Getting Started Sequence of Operations Guide

Remote Connectivity Instructions

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