Note: The separate Replacement Part List (RPL) files are no longer supported for all products, as they are in the I&O manuals. Please refer to the product I&O manual for the replacement parts listing.

Replacement parts lists


Product File Name  Doc Rel #   Size    Rel. Date
 supraSchwank IM091112 RL:13B  216 kb April 2013
 primoSchwank SP-RRPM-BX-03C RL:4A  232 kb April 2013
 ecoSchwank GP-RECX-CX–4C RL:6B  91 kb Nov 2014
ultraSchwank UHE GP-NUHE-CX-04A RL:4A  340 kb Dec 2014

Discontinued replacement parts lists

Product File Name  Doc Rel #   Size    Rel. Date
2000 Series SchwankAir SP-R200-BX-03B RL:03B 376 kb Mar 2006
STSp-CA SP-RSTP-BC-06B RL:06B 303 kb Nov 2007
STSp-UA SP-RSTP-BU-07A RL:07A 296 kb Apr 2004
STSp-WP SP-RSWP-BX-05A RL:05A 427 kb Apr 2004
SEM(U) SP-RSEM-BX-08C RL:08C 284 kb Aug 2006
SEB(U) GP-RSEB-BX-01A RL:01A 257 kb Apr 2006
STB(U) SP-RSTB-BX-02A RL:02A 190 kb Nov 2004
STM(U) SP-RSTM-BX-02A RL:02A 126 kb Nov 2004
STS/STW SP-RSTS-BC-06A RL:06A 232 kb Apr 2004
STR-CA SP-RSTR-BC-07A RL:07A 325 kb Apr 2004
STR-UA SP-RSTR-BU-07A RL:07A 335 kb Apr 2004
SER AP-RSER-AX-07D RL:07D 490 kb Aug 2006

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