Burner Technology of Schwank Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters

Whisper-Jet premium class burner

The Whisper-Jet burner is the core of Schwank tube heaters. Its design is the result of decades of experience in dealing with gas-fired infrared radiant heaters and the constant striving for further technical advancements.

During the engineering phase, state-of-the-art technologies and know-how have been adopted and applied. For instance, a pressure fan was installed providing the advantage that the flow characteristic of the gas-air-mixture is easier to influence in order to achieve a better and more uniform heat distribution. In addition to this, components, such as the fan and its ball bearings are not exposed to the hot flue gas. This contributes to a longer life of these parts.

By means of various simulation tests, CFD [computational fluid dynamics] tests and the use of a patented Schwank ceramic burner tile, Whisper-Jet produces a very long and laminar flame. The axial flow distributes heat more uniformly over the entire length of the tube.

Others: 3-6′ [1-2m]                                    Schwank 14′ [4+m]

Tube Heater Flame

Whisper-Jet is an exceptionally quiet burner. With approx. 46dB[A] at 10 feet [3m] distance, you hear no more than a soft whisper.

An optional 2-stage burner controls operation to better match actual heating requirements. This saves resources and lowers operating costs.

Tube Heater Animation







Schwank Tube Heater Flame

Schwank Clamshell Burner Box

Easy Burner Maintenance

  • clamshell cover
  • simple latch
  • adjust while burner is on