sportSchwank Arena & Stadium Radiant Outdoor Heaters

Comfort for Cold Days at the Stadium


sportSchwank radiant outdoor heaters for arenas and other outdoor venues are designed to warm spectators and fans whether it’s a cool summer’s evening at the ball park or a snowy winter’s day at the football field.

For as little as 5 cents per fan per game you can provide exceptional heat!

The sportSchwank outdoor heater is designed using Schwank’s patented infrared radiant heat technology. Imitating the sun’s ability to make you feel warm on a cold winter’s day, sportSchwank radiant outdoor heaters provide spectators with warmth they can actually feel.

Options for Outdoor Arena Gas Heaters

The sportSchwank infrared outdoor heating system is designed for stadium retrofit purposes and can also be incorporated as ceiling mounted outdoor gas heaters during the initial stadium design phase. Choose from:

  • 4 convenient sizes – the sportSchwank 10,15, 20 or 30
  • 37,500 up to 103,000 input BTU/HR, depending on model choice
  • Entire stadium heating or only VIP sections

Contact Schwank today to learn how your stadium can benefit from a heating grid that maximizes your return on investment while providing exceptional spectator warmth.

Contact Schwank for Stadium Heaters

For more information about our sportSchwank series of gas fired radiant outdoor heaters for stadiums, fields, arenas and any other outdoor venue, please:

  Toll Free: 1-877-446-3727 [USA & Canada]


Outdoor Heaters 
Suitable for:

  • large public outdoor spaces
  • sports stadiums
  • outdoor concert venues
  • retrofits

“Schwank stadium heating has clearly exceeded all our expectation. The warmth is well received by the VIPs, and they really appreciate comfort on cold days.”
Graham Hughes, technical building services consultant for the Chelsea Football Club [UK]