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Durable, Corrosion Resistant Commercial Patio Heaters

comfortSchwank 3000 with Tuxedo Grille

The infrared radiant tube heater design of the comfortSchwank series offers customers an efficient heavy duty outdoor heater that is economical yet ideal for wet outdoor patio applications.

With many of the design features of the supremeSchwank Outdoor Patio Heater, the comfortSchwank also includes a tube reflector system and a burner enclosure that is:

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Moisture Resistant

Is your restaurant or patio located in a city with year round rainfall, humid conditions or plenty of airborne contaminants and pollution? Consider the comfortSchwank series outdoor heaters, designed for use in any environment with a lot of moisture or contaminants.

Radiant Outdoor Heating in Two Efficient Models

The comfortSchwank infrared patio outdoor heater comes in two models, depending on how extreme your outdoor weather conditions are expected to be:

SPW-JZ Model
Schwank’s standard SPW-JZ outdoor patio heater model features a durable powder coat/water resistant finish on the burner cabinet and aluminized steel tube/reflector system.

STW-JZ Model
Schwank’s Harsh Environment patio outdoor heater, model STW-JZ, features a stainless steel burner cabinet.

Contact one of our Gas Patio Heater Specialists if you are unsure which model best suits your needs and environment.

Water Resistant Overhead Patio Heater Benefits

Key features of the comfortSchwank, designed for wet patio conditions, include:

  • Corrosion and moisture-resistant burner enclosure
  • Tuxedo grille in matte black blends well with any outdoor décor
  • Multiple system configuration and venting options

For larger outdoor public spaces, including stadiums and concert venues, please check out our sportSchwank Stadium Radiant Outdoor Heaters.

Infrared Patio Outdoor Heaters Powered by Schwank Technology

Schwank’s unbelievable infrared radiant heating technology is fast becoming the new norm in restaurant patio heating. Restaurant owners no longer have to install conventional, inefficient, forced-air heating systems on their patios.

Our affordable patio outdoor heaters are easy to maintain and service and quickly pay for themselves with their consumption savings. Additional options open the door for even more flexibility:

  • Choose from Remote Control, Central Patio Panel or a Moisture-Proof Thermostat
  • Patented Whisper-Jet technology
  • Ten-year replacement warranty on radiant tubes and ceramic burner
  • Every burner is individually tested for ultimate reliability
  • Easy access for quick installation and regular maintenance

Ask Us About the Gas Fired comfortSchwank Patio Outdoor Heaters

Contact our infrared heaters sales staff to find out more about our Schwank Comfort Series of corrosion and moisture resistant patio outdoor heaters for restaurant patios and outdoor venues.

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