ThermoControl Plus Infrared Heater Control for BMS

For any building management system

Integrate the ThermoControl Plus CM485 communication card into a Building Management System [BMS]. You can centrally control, monitor and check the buildings managed by your BMS.

Existing BMS

The Schwank ThermoControl Plus controller can be incorporated into an existing BMS or fire alarm system without restrictions.
Commercial BMS software supported includes:

  • Siemens
  • Honeywell
  • Johnson Control
  • Kieback & Peter
  • Sauter Cumulus
  • and others

For No Existing BMS

See remote control for IR heating.

ThermoControl Plus Features

  • Simple to install in a prepared slot
  • Automatically detects interface card
  • Link multiple ThermoControl Plus controller units using data cables and data transmission via Modbus
  • Integrate with existing BMS using CM485 open interface programming

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IR Building Controls

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