supraSchwank Infrared Radiant Heater Technology

supraSchwank high intensity heaters are synonymous with the highest radiant efficiency in the world.

The Delta Mixing Chamber

Inside the patented Delta Mixing Chamber, the gas-air mixture is preheated to 570°F [300°C] to create a more efficient combustion. A metal grille in front of the burner is heated to increase the radiant output. Ceramic insulation around the chamber further increases the amount of heat directed to the floor.

The Combined Radiant Effect

Radiant energy is created from heating the ceramic tile to 1740°F [950°C], the inside of the reflector to 930°F [500°C] and the metal grille. This heater therefore produces both high and low intensity infrared radiant heat – this unique technology is called “combined radiant effect”.


All our heaters are certified by CSA International for safety compliance.

When combustion stops or the gas pressure is too low, the gas valve automatically closes. This prevents gas from escaping into the room.

Every heater is individually tested before it leaves our factory.


Schwank heating systems can be controlled by single thermostats – our unique TruTemp Thermostat – or even by a central building management system.