How Infrared Radiant Heaters Work

 Infrared waves are given off by any object warmer than its surroundings. An IR heater is defined as having a surface temperature of greater than 300°F [150°C] up to 1800°F [980°C].

The two types of IR heaters are:

  • tube [or low intensity] heaters
  • high intensity [or luminous] heaters.

High intensity heaters

They consist of:

  • a mixing chamber
  • ceramic tiles
  • a reflector around the burner

Pre-mixed air and gas are burned at the surface of the ceramic tile. The combustion heats up the tiles which then emit infrared radiant heat.

Tube heaters 

The gas-air-mixture is ignited at the surface by an electrode. The tube is heated by the flame and emits infrared radiant heat.  

The flue gas of the radiant tube is vented to the outside. The combustion air can be taken from the inside of the building or from the outside.

Two-stage heating, is available for tube heaters.

Comfort at lower temperatures

The temperature experienced by people is the average of the air temperature and the radiant temperature.

   High intensity heaters in 2 setups Image
High intensity heaters in 2 setups

Tube Heaters in a Horizontal Set-up
Tube Heaters in a Horizontal Setup