Schwank Co-op Program

Our co-op program is better than ever and structured to increase your sales!

After several years of partnering with our distributors to advertise, Schwank has decided to revamp our co-op program in order to advertise more effectively and generate more sales.  This year’s program is better than ever and includes opportunities for the distributor to not pay a cent on co-op advertising if their sales goal is reached.

How it works:

  • Distributors will accumulate co-op dollars based on 1% of previous quarter sales.
  • A 50/50 basis split equally between Schwank and the distributor [Schwank will reimburse 50% of your total co-op dollars used]


  • Distributor Sales [Q4-2016 + Q1-2017 + Q2-2017 + Q3-2017] = $100,000
  • Co-op Fund = $100,000 x .01 = $1,000
  • Maximum allowable reimbursement for 2015 = $1,000
  • Schwank will reimburse 50% of every advertising dollar spent.
    • In this example, if the distributor spends $2,000, Schwank will credit the distributor $1,000.

Click here to download the Schwank Distributor Co-Op Policy for more information.