Aerospace & Military Infrared Radiant Heater Applications

With Schwank IR heating solutions

The use of infrared radiant heaters has been shown 
to reduce the cost of heating aircraft hangars. In particular, high intensity IR heaters provide increased thermal comfort for personnel while substantially reducing heating costs.

Warm Air DiagramWarm air rises to the ceiling and cold air infiltrates through open areas. Therefore, opening doors [depending on the level of winds] can cause an air change of 1.0 in only 30 seconds.

Warm Air Diagram2A large airplane parked outside at a very low temperature acts as an enormous air conditioner when pulled into the hangar for service.

Warm Air Diagram3Warm air units require close to 30 minutes in order to stabilize comfort temperature to previous levels. High-efficiency Schwank heaters require less units to provide a desirable comfort level.