Schwank Infrared Heater Tiles and Burners

World-class Ceramic Tiles & Burners

The name Schwank is known worldwide for advancing the technology of gas infrared burners for heating and process applications, including the use of ceramics. Development, research, manufacturing and the application of ceramic burners have a long tradition within Schwank.

The world’s first gas infrared burner with a ceramic tile was developed by Günther Schwank, the founder of the Schwank Group, in 1936. Since then, Schwank has progressed as a leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles [slabs], continuously improving ceramics & burners to generate the maximum performance and efficiency.

Applications of Ceramic Tiles & Burners include:

  • Industrial infrared heaters, both luminous and tube heaters for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, sports stadiums, airport hangars, churches and livestock facilities
  • Burners for high performance condensing boilers and conventional boilers
  • Burners for industrial process applications including facilities for  the drying of paper, textiles and paint
  • Burners for cookers and grills, i.e., Döner, Kebab & Gyros [or shawarma / shaorma] Grills, chicken roasters, and outdoor barbecue grills
  • Gas infrared stove-tops
  • Domestic space heaters
  • Barbecue Grills
  • Road construction drying


Burning Schwank Tile