Research & Technical Papers

Below are some papers and links to interesting materials related to infrared heating and its applications.

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Experimental measurement and numerical simulation to determine characteristics of an infrared tube system by Samer A. Hassan, R&D/ Engineering Manager, Schwank HVAC&R Research, (Peer and refereed reviewed journal) vol 18, issue 3, 2012; pgs 446-460; also delivered at the ASHRAE Conference: Advances in Heat Transfer Research session (Seminar 42), June 2012 [see abstract on pg 66 of the ASHRAE Conference book]
Put Your Infra-Red Knowledge to the TestContracting Canada, July/August 2002
Heat Flux Variations of an Infrared Tube Heater
by Samer A. Hassan, R&D/Engineering Manager, Schwank
Heat Flux Variations of an Infrared Tube Heater at Low and Medium Firing Rates.  Volume 19, Issue 1, January 2013