Schwank Outdoor Overhead Gas Fired Radiant Heaters

    More comfort for less cost - everyone's happier

    With Schwank infrared outdoor heaters you can keep the crowds more comfortable, for more hours during the day, and for more days during the year, regardless of your heating application.

    Schwank's outdoor heating solutions for the masses operate on either propane or natural gas and come in a variety of mounting options, heat ratings and applications.

    Affordability & Performance Overhead non-intrusive
    bistroSchwank 2100
    Control & ComfortDual heat settingsbistroSchwank 2152 - 2 Stage
    High Energy EfficiencyUp to 37% more radiant
    heat than typical outdoor
    patio heaters
    supremeSchwank 2300
    Corrosion and Moisture-ResistantUp to 50% energy savingscomfortSchwank 3000
    Patio Space SaversChoose between portable or fixed, natural gas or propane outdoor patio heatersParasol 4000
    Sporting Events and ConcertsRetrofit and new stadium
    outdoor heater design

    Gas Fired Commercial Outdoor Heaters

    For Restaurants: Overhead infrared outdoor heaters means more tables can be turned for better branding and bigger profits. Schwank outdoor heaters also help to keep the aisles clear, resulting in swifter table service and increased overall dining comfort. Choose between a Schwank mounted gas or propane outdoor heater and a parasol outdoor patio heater. And best of all, Schwank outdoor ceiling gas heaters never have to be handled by your staff!

    For Municipalities: Infrared outdoor heaters are an affordable investment creating a more liveable city that boosts public use and the city's reputation. Your fellow citizens will thank you for it.

    For Commercial Centers: Infrared outdoor heaters help draw people in, keeping them longer and boosting the commercial value of your property.

    For Contractors, Engineers and Designers: Infrared outdoor heaters can provide you with fresh ideas and new projects that will make your customers warm and tingly all over.

    For Stadium Operators: Infrared outdoor heaters provide spectators with sensible comfort; fans can be heated for less than 5 cents per game.

    The Schwank Outdoor Patio Heater Difference

    Schwank Heaters' offerings make choosing outdoor heaters easy and help keep your projects highly feasible and affordable. That's because of our unbeatable combination of:

    • Product selection
    • Lower operating costs
    • Radiant efficiency

    We also offer total support all the way from outdoor heater design assistance to follow up customer service.

    At the heart of it all is Schwank's radiant heat efficiency, which is the amount of heat that actually warms people and not the surrounding air. Our powerful, efficient outdoor patio heaters can be hung as high as 200 feet overhead and still do their job.

    Outdoor Heater Applications

    • Restaurant Patios
    • Rooftop Decks
    • Transit Shelters
    • Public Spaces
    • Sports Stadiums

    For more information or specific details about any of the above models of Schwank gas fired Infrared Outdoor Heaters including overhead heaters, parasol patio heaters and sport arena heaters, please:

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      Online Contact Form: Schwank Infrared Outdoor Heater Sales
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