Schwank Infrared Heater Distributor Information

Great distributors. Great product. Great support

We want everyone to feel a “warm glow” whenever they work with Schwank. That starts by partnering with the very best – distributors with the resources, expertise and attitude needed to deliver at a notch above.

If you’d like to become a Schwank distributor we welcome your interest and want to share with you more about the great opportunities with Schwank.  Click here to get in touch with us.

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If you’re looking for your local Schwank distributor – you can feel confident that your needs will be well-served. Click here to find the Schwank distributor nearest you.

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Schwank distributor advantages

  • The broadest product range – there’s a Schwank solution for every application and every price point
  • Training for your staff and contractors – To ensure superior quality and customer satisfaction. Our courses have become accredited training courses for major distributor organizations
  • The highest build quality ­– Our warranty claims are less than ½% of sales. No worries
  • Inventory optimization – Schwank’s order-to-ship turn-around is often as short as two days. That lets you stock just your faster moving products and keep your contractors happy
  • Superior customer service – A live person answers the phone. We are 98% on-time delivery. Your contractors will love you
  • Coop-advertising and spiff programs – That heat up sales
  • The most energy-efficient products for your customers – Up to twice the radiant efficiency than competitive products
  • World-leading marketing support – Schwank makes it easy to communicate quality and credibility
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