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  • Single Call SupportJust make one call, speak to a real live person. We’ll take it from there, do all the legwork and get back to you promptly.
  • Free Design Assistance –  We can calculate your heating requirements; identify the heaters, controllers and accessories you require; and design the placement for best results. To get started, simply complete the Design Request Form and send it on to us.
  • Complete Documentation – You can find all the documents you need by going to the Resources section.

Why Schwank 

  • We provide you with time-saving on your client specifications -- with our free design assistance and product layout
  • Our heat loss calculations -- conform to ASHRAE standards and are adjusted for radiant efficiency
  • Our design criteria - are validated by independent labs [DVGW and CSA]
  • Your customers can save up to 65% on their heating bills --  Schwank heaters outperform warm air, hydronic and competitive IR products
  • Up to 81% radiant efficiency cuts energy waste and greenhouse gases. With warm air heating systems, waste heat winds up at the ceiling.
  • Earn LEED points -- Up to 65% carbon footprint reduction
  • Products that fit your application – Have high ceilings? Schwank heaters deliver comfortable heat from as high as 180 feet.
  • Control systems boost cost-efficiency – communicate with existing building management systems [BMS] or computerized IR Heating Management Systems.
  • Trouble-free operation – Schwank’s warranty claims are less than ½% of products shipped. 

Product brochures, manuals and technical specifications for each product are available without log in. For all other documentation and for special tools such as Heat Loss Calculator, please log in. If you are not already registered, please register here.


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