Why Buy Schwank Infrared Heaters?

  • You can save up to 65% on your heating bills -- Schwank heaters outperform warm air, hydronic and competitive IR products
  • Up to 81% radiant efficiency cuts energy waste and greenhouse gases. With warm air heating systems, waste heat winds up at the ceiling.
  • Earn LEED points -- Up to 65% carbon footprint reduction
  • Products that fit your application – Have high ceilings? Schwank heaters deliver comfortable heat from as high as 180 feet.
  • Control systems boost cost-efficiency – communicate with existing building management systems [BMS] or computerized IR Heating Management Systems.
  • Trouble-free operation and easy maintenance – Schwank’s warranty claims are less than ½% of products shipped. They’re designed for easy maintenance.
  • Free Design Assistance – We can calculate your heating requirements; identify the heaters, controllers and accessories you require; and design the placement for best results. To get started, simply complete the Design Request Form and send it on to us.
  • Warranty ­– Our warranty claims are less than ½% of sales. No worries

We sell through a network leading distributors.  To find the distributor nearest you, click here or call us at 1-877-446-3727.

If you require, we can handle the entire large-scale or complex IR heating project from start to finish through our Single Source Services. We provide just mix of services you need including: Project Management, Design, Planning and Installation.